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Sexy Panties

So ladies, what thoughts swirl through your mind as you choose your undergarments for a day at work, a lazy afternoon at home, a night that you’ll be spending with your sweetheart?


Is color or style more important?


Of course we all know that guys totally dig thongs. Plain as can be or boasting all the bells and whistles of buttons, buckles and beads – it really matters not. As long as they’re sexy, skin-tight and barely there, you’re a shoe-in with your mate. Even though they aren’t always the most comfortable skivvies in the world, thongs save our tails when it comes to erasing panty lines.


“Granny panties,” a term popularized by some teen movie, sure seem to take a lot of heat from males who get too spoiled by their girlfriends’ selection of sexy unmentionables. If I’m not feeling well, if I’m just bumming around the house, even if I’m just too darn lazy to do wash, “normal” panties it is. I refuse to call them grannies. Don’t get me wrong, I have an entire drawer full of under things – mostly thongs, bikinis and bras, but I appreciate the comfort of not wearing them, too.


So we’ve been through the style sequence … But what does your choice of color say about you?


Black: Sexiness, Seduction, Secretive or just plain “I want to get some tonight, baby!”


Red: Passionate, Romantic, Erotic… “I want to be romanced tonight…take my breath away, lover…”


Pink: Delicate, Flirty, Youthful… “You might get some, you might not… but I am yours tonight!”


White: Innocent, Virginal, Pure… “Be gentle with me, and I may have some fun with you!”


Blue: Bold, Strong, Mischievous… “I’m in control tonight, sexy” *wink*


Purple: Mysterious… “I like to keep you guessing…I’ll spring you when you least expect it!”


Orange: Playful… “Let’s have some fun tonight!”


Green: Anything Goes… “No location is too risky for me!”


Leopard Print: “Rwar, I’m an animal, baby. Let’s get wild!”




By Kathryn M. D’Imperio



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What makes a woman sexy?

So what does make a woman sexy? Every woman wants to know! Well, you can stop wondering, because we have the answers for you. Men have confessed of what they mostly believe is sexy in a woman. Here are the most popular comments:

Whether you like or not, the truth is, men are first attracted to a woman who is In Shape. They like to able to see a woman’s true figure, as well as toned and healthy. A woman who takes good care of herself gives the impression that she is confident, responsible and stable…which are qualities all men admire. Nice Lips is another thing men consider sexy in a woman. A woman with nice lips makes a man wonder and fantasize about how it tastes and how good of a kisser you are! Find a lipstick that flatters your skin tone and lip line your lips, especially if you do not have full ones naturally. For a sexier touch, roll a little gloss over your lipstick, for a wet sexy woman and juicy effect.

To most men, the sexiest women are those who have Medium/Long soft hair. Medium and long hair really represents womanhood, for women are the ones known to have the long, soft and sweet smelling hair! Find a shampoo and conditioner that have the best smelling scent and ones that provide you with the best moisturizing results. You can also add more health to it by getting a product that adds body, shine and extra moisture to apply on after your shower, before or after you style. If you have short hair, do not worry! Just be sure to keep the volume in it and keep it soft and shiny.

When you go out with your soft hair, be sure to put on that Sparkling smile! Smiling is one of the biggest people magnets you can ever use! Everyone is attracted to cheerfulness and sureness, so be sure of yourself and let the world know it…you will be surprised of just how many people respond to your smiling. Funny is one essential quality you must remember. Men just love it when a woman can laugh at their jokes, make their own tasteful jokes and being able to laugh at themselves. Get in touch with yourself and discover what makes you laugh and what funny memories you have regarding yourself, so that you may bring it up the next time you are on a date, or meet someone interesting. While you are out there laughing at jokes and making some yourself, also remember to have something intellectual to discuss, because Intelligence is considered very attractive. Bring something up you heard on the news, or bring up any subject that you think can get a conversation going, such as school and the experiences you had there.

Being Independent makes a woman sexy to a man. Men like to know that the woman they are interested in can take care of herself, has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants. If you do feel insecure about something, try not to advertise it in front of people. Keep your head up high, with a pretty smile, and then work on your insecurity when you get home or seek expert advice. When you and that certain someone enter your intimate stage, always remember that it is important to carry Sexy underwear beneath your clothing! This may sound like something you already know, but women tend to get lazy with it over time. If you want to keep him hooked, entertain with something sexy every time you take your clothes off!

Putting all that sexual and seducing stuff aside, men also long for a woman who is Caring. This may sound funny, but men are looking for a hot, irresistible woman, with a motherly personality. They want a woman who will nourish them and take care of them emotionally, just as we expect them to do for us. So always listen to him when he expresses himself and do your best to show that you care.

Last but not least, believe it or not, it is still important for a woman to be a good cook! There is nothing better for a man than coming home to a fresh, hot and home made dish on the table. They really admire the effort and time a woman puts into preparing a meal and they feel special and rewarded after a long day. If you need ideas for what meals to cook, you can get them at our Romantic Recipes Page! So try discovering your seductive self by keeping these ideas in and putting them to use. You will soon realize you had the seductive goddess in you all this time. After all, every woman has one!

 Sensual women

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Our first Kiss

This is how our first kiss ever started:

I wanted to kiss her right then.

So I did. Leaning toward her, I reached up with my left hand to pull her head closer to me, telegraphing my intentions to kiss her. It was a mutual desire as she leaned toward me at the same time. As our heads were drawn slowly together our eyes searched each other for words. Were we looking for a permission to continue or for some other instruction urging us both onward?

There were no words seen or spoken as the heat of our breath mixed; our lips only fractions apart. We seemed frozen as if in this instant, knowing this was the first kiss, it would soon be over, and never to be experienced again outside of memories we each would carry.

I loved the slowness. I loved the lingering of her face so close to mine, her breath halting, anticipating, living the eroticism of the moment. Our lips touched with a brushing lightness, mouths parted slightly drinking in the passion that was boiling just beneath the surface. Our lips sealed tightly as we were drawn into the swirling moments where time stands still, where the only sounds are two people breathing through their noses and hearts pounding in their ears.

Her tongue touched the tip of mine lightly just as I broke contact slightly. Holding her face between my hands, I kissed her again. My tongue probing deeper, meeting her own and swirling together. Again I broke contact slightly to look at her mouth, then kissed the corners, each time breaking off to look for a spot for the next kiss.

I could taste the dark red lipstick and my nose was filled with her scent. My head was swirling from the wine but this woman’s mouth was the true source of my drunkenness. I could have spent the rest of the evening just sitting there kissing her mouth over and over. I could never get enough of her. I could kiss her until infinity became a fraction of something as big as my desire was then.

“Jan?” I said as I backed away slightly. “I’m sorry, I’m not sure what came over me. . .I just had to taste. . .”

She smothered my explanation of the flurry of kisses with an urgent hungry kiss of her own. Her teeth bit lightly onto my bottom lip as she sucked it gently into her mouth. I had no choice but to kiss her back. The passion I knew inside was there in the form of this beautiful woman kissing me with a longing and a hunger I could understand.

She spoke huskily as we stopped to catch our breath. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to be kissed like that? I love a man who can kiss, and who can kiss back.”

I smiled a wordless reply as she completed my thoughts for me. “Yes, this is going to be quite a journey!”

A combination of the exquisite kissing and the potent wine probed deeply into my being where my own animal paced anxiously, waiting to be released. I sensed the urgency in her also as we sat closely in the booth. Neither of us was speaking, nor were we breathing normally. The attraction that brought both of us to this place was now driving us onward. Neither of us could stop it, nor did we want to try.


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Drying up during foreplay

After my post Be Naughty # 3 one of our dedicated readers raised the matter that sometimes during foreplay your female partner is aroused to a wet situation but then just as sudden, she totally dries up.

First of all, to our dear reader and other women, DO NOT WORRY. This does happen and is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel inadequate about. It also happens to us and it is part and parcel of the female physiology. This is something we as mortals cannot explain but have to understand the phenomenon and live with it.

If you could not live with it, it may have a negative impact on your relationship because your female partner may feel inadequate and even “un-female”. Once again, a big NO, NO. Live with it and work around it.

That is what Janet and I are doing. It also happens to her but we bypass it without hick-ups. It may be that we as males are overdoing the foreplay scene – remember too much foreplay can just as bad as no foreplay at all. Here Janet advises me when she is totally aroused and the advise to our female readers is to do the same – take the lead and advise your partner when you are ready for entering.

But, in spite of this it still happens that Janet dries up within seconds before I can enter her. Here we follow two options. The first is that I immediately, go down on her orally. With this I lubricate her by mouth and she reached a climax as good as any other. As soon as she reaches a climax, any possible guilt feelings of drying up are gone and she feels like a woman due to the fact that she climaxed. But ladies, also think about your male partner. What Jan is doing is that as soon as she climaxed, she is on me with either a HJ or BJ.

The other option is the good old lubricant. We always have a bottle of Vaseline and Johnson’s Baby Oil on standby on our bedside table. As soon as we realize that she has dried up, I only use a dab of either one on my penis head and boy, it just slips in and we make love as nothing have happened! Please, only use a dab of lubricant and it can be addicting to use it, even under normal circumstances due to the positive and heavenly feeling when you slip in like a dream! Janet also consulted her gynaecologist who indicated that using small amounts on the penis head won’t cause any problems. If in doubt on using lubricants, first consult with your gynaecologist.

So, ladies, do not despair. You can manage this slight problem like Jan and I do!



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Be Naughty # 4

Masturbate your partner in broad daylight, with people nearby, under the cover of a blanket. For her: Give him a lube job so your fingers will slide effortlessly. For him: Make sure she is wet enough to be wild. Pump up the erotic energy and allow your partner to experience the big “O.”

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Date your husband

If marriage has dulled the edges of your passion for your man, here’s how to turn him back into that heavenly hunk you first fell in love with.

Remember how you’d sit for hours staring at your computer screen, unable to concentrate because you were waiting for him to call, remembering last night’s lingering kisses or anticipating dinner-date deluxe.

Then you moved in together or got married and had a kid or two and now you’re more likely to fall asleep in front of your laptop than dream of him.

So what went wrong? Nothing, actually. Quite simply, life intervened. Building a home together necessitates certain practicalities, which quickly become routine, and when routine sets in, butterfly-belly excitement is usually first on the casualty list.

Then there’s the exhaustion that pole-axes you after kids, chores, work, meals and bills have been dealt with. If you’re lucky, you still have sex fairly regularly, but chances are that’s not as toe-curlingly thrilling as it used to be either. What you need is that boyfriend back. Here’s our recipe for rekindling that flame:

Go out
Psychotherapist Jeanine de Villiers says: “I have found that many of the couples that seek therapy seldom go out alone together, so – ironically – the time spent in weekly sessions becomes one of the few times that they are in an environment where meaningful contact is made.

“Unfortunately If the ‘no time, no money’ excuse goes too far, and one may eventually need to spend time and money seeing a couples’ therapist anyway.”

Go out without him
When you were dating you did things without him. Yoga classes in the evening, summer school, book club, girls’ nights at the coolest clubs. Now you feel guilty even suggesting meeting a girlfriend for a quick drink after work.

“Communication is the hallmark of a good relationship. This means communication about issues, about shared endeavours like children, and about work, but also about things done separately, of separate experiences – which can only happen if you and he go out alone,” says de Villiers.

Let him go out without you
When you met he had a wide circle of male friends. But over the years, as you and he have built a life together, that circle’s got smaller and he may even have given up many of his interests to spend more time with you.

Encourage him to re-establish some of those old bonds, to play the occasional game of pool on a Saturday afternoon, to watch rugby in the local pub. When he’s gone for five hours, you’ll start to miss him and anticipate his return with excitement. And it’ll give you the space to re-acquaint yourself with your own needs and personality.

There’s always the danger in a long-term relationship that identities begin to erode – that we become so absorbed in the other person and in the family’s demands on us that we forget who and what we are, and what we want from life.

Let him take charge
Yes, yes, we can do it better (and usually a lot quicker), but letting him take charge of the dinner bookings, the travel arrangements, the plumber, the present-buying (gulp, be brave) etc., lets him feel he’s indispensable to you; that he’s providing and spoiling, the way he used to when you were dating. And it’s great for you to be able to sit back and let someone else take charge for once!

Leave his wardrobe alone
Ooh, this is a tough one. Yes, those leopard-print slip-slops are vile and that leather jacket is sooo last millenium, but remember how you ignored those “small” issues when you were looking at him through the rose-coloured spectacles of first love? Imagine what you’re doing to his self-esteem if you keep telling him how awful his clothes are. There are more important issues to fuss over…

Play it again, Sam
What happened to the candles, the soft music, the rose petals on the sheets? Romance doesn’t have to die just because you’re married, and think how much sexier you’ll both feel if a few accessories are added to your love-making. And soft-lighting is very kind to rolls and wrinkles.

Ban the kids from the bedroom
How sexy can he be if he’s separated from you by a tossing, turning two-year-old?

Pay someone
A man with his hand down the loo is not attractive, nor if he has his feet protruding from under the sink. If the plumbing goes belly-up, call a plumber. Pay someone to do the DIY. Chances are if you let him do it you’ll argue about how he does it, or about how long it takes for him to get round to doing it in the first place. Spare yourself – and him – the pain.

Pretend he’s someone else’s husband
Keep a surreptitious eye on him at the next social gathering you’re at. Note his sexier bits – the abs (if they’re still there), those finely chiselled calves, that manly jaw. Wish he was yours (which he is, yay!).

Share the pleasure
If there’s a pastime he loves but you couldn’t give a toss about, give it a try anyway. He’ll be pathetically pleased if you join in and love it (even if you have to pretend). Watch how his chest expands as he “shows you the ropes”. Seeing him stand tall is worth the pain.

Acknowledgement Shape

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Sexy Flirting Tips

When it comes to flirting tips, there is a lot to know. Flirting does not come naturally to many people; but not to worry, anyone can learn to flirt. Flirting is an important element of communicating with others that a person feels attracted to. Doing this correctly, at ease and with a good attitude can be sexy, fun and lead to some great dates. Flirting makes the flirter feel sexy and it makes the other person feel special and attractive. Even if a person is shy; there are slight ways to flirt that they should not find intimidating.

One very important aspect and quite possibly the most vital flirting tip is that it really is all about attitude. Attitude is more important than what is really said. Attitude is everything. If a person is feeling down on themselves, if they are feeling unattractive, if they are feeling that no one wants them; it will be impossible to feel sexy and be able to flirt. If a person does not have a lot of self-confidence, there are many flirting tips that can help.

First, it is important to look your best, when you go out and will be mixing and mingling and trying to flirt correctly. Remember, not everyone looks like a model. When a person, especially a woman, is going out on the town, she can focus in only on those women who seem to have perfect bodies, perfect hair and adorable outfits. A woman does get jealous and it is natural. However, a woman should always remember that they are really only focusing on these types of women; for every woman who does look like a model, there are ten that do not. Important flirting tips: do not think about the people who look more attractive than you and only worry about making yourself look the best you can be.

No matter what a person looks like, there is always something they can do to feel more attractive. If a woman is not very happy with her body, she can find a nice, classy black outfit and have her hair cut into a great new style. If a man feels he does not have a classical gorgeous face, he can make sure to have a nice hair cut, shave nicely and wear a shirt that will look great on him. Everyone must find the one thing about themselves in which they can shine. If you have a great smile and you are a woman, have your teeth whitened and buy some new glossy lipstick.

Once a person feels confident, the next thing to do is pretend you are an actor or actress. You are sexy, confident, and so attractive that men or women drop at your feet. Other easily can pick out on a person’s confidence. If someone is proudly walking into a room as if they own it, other will believe they do indeed own it.

When in a room, casually and confidently scan the room, do not appear nervous; do not allow yourself to fidget. Have a drink to keep your hands busy; even if your order sparkling water. Roll your shoulders back, smile at anyone whose eyes meet yours. If someone looks at you, smile wider and give a flirty wave. When approaching or being approached, make your voice sexy. Remember, you are pretending you are an actor or actress, someone who is amazingly sexy; they talk sexy also. Tell them your name as if you are extremely proud of it. Lean in when you talk, but not so much that you over-power the other person. Smile a lot; ask questions that can not be answered with yes or no. Ask questions that will have the other person need to answer with sentences; this will keep the flow going. One of the last important flirting tips is to softly touch someone’s arm when talking, just every now and then. Everyone knows this is a clear indication that a person finds another attractive; do it casually, as if you do not even realize you are doing it.



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Taking it Sexual


There’s somebody in your social circle that you’re interested in, maybe you’ve got her number, or even been on a date or two. In each case it’s likely that you want to take things sexual, but you don’t really know how. You don’t want things to remain as they are for too long, as the girl will start seeing you as a friend, or worse, a provider rather than a lover. You don’t want to lunge in suddenly with a kiss or grope, the transition needs to be made smoothly, here’s how:

1. Don’t talk to her like she’s your friend:

Sexual tension won’t be generated if you’re having casual conversations with her, or talking about her man problems. To create the sexual tension, you need be having conversations that: challenge her; tease her; or make her feel emotions. By challenging her, getting her to prove herself to you, she can see that you are the chooser and she must win over your approval. Teasing her is a brilliant way to increase the sexual tension, anything where she is laughing and playfully hitting you will help you greatly escalate things sexually. Try to make her feel emotions, talk to her about her passions, what she desires and her previous encounters of being in love. Relationship talk – what she is searching for in a relationship – is also good.

2. Touch her in the right way:

You can’t interact physically with a girl in a friendly manner and expect her to feel a sexual connection. A friend would touch her on the arm or kiss her on the cheek when meeting; but there are two ways that you can escalate touch in a physical way: playful touching and sexual touching. Playful touching is fairly safe things like tickling her, play-fighting, poking her, etc. – but it still creates sexual tension. Sexual touching is putting your arm around her, touching her hair or touching her hands (for these you can use an excuse like looking at her jewellery or hair accessories if you need to). These are all actions which lovers do, and her friends don’t. It is important to carry out a number of these to make sure that you stay clear of the “just friends” zone.

3. Be seductive:

So now you are able to talk to her, and touch her in a sexual manner, but then what? You now need to be able to act seductive towards her. If you are acting like her friend, there will be no form of sexual thoughts running through her mind. The factors to focus on when stepping up the seduction are:

  • Hold strong, passionate eye contact.
  • Slow your speech, deepening your voice.
  • Look at her like you want her.
  • Gaze at her lips and leave pauses where you just begin to look at each other.
  • If she is comfortable in this situation or returns your seductive gazes, it’s on!

Follow the above advice and you will no longer need to worry about letting a girl know that you are interested, or when to move in for the kiss. Most importantly, you won’t need to fear falling into the ‘friends’ category.


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Bedroom basics

Want to keep things sizzling? Here are 20 things you should know about the male species…

1. Never, ever make derogatory comments about size. Whether it’s the size of his car, his bank balance or his penis, it will affect your sex life.

2. A man produces 72 million sperm a day – that’s enough to populate the entire world in three months. It’s probably best if you take charge of the contraception then.

3. Most men say: “Please, please take your hand away,” after the first few spurts.

4. Ejaculated sperm leaves the human penis faster than a sprinter leaves the starting block.

5. Over 50% of men say they wish their partner would make the first move in bed more often – so go for it. If he happens to be in the other percentage group, well, just put on that virginal nightie and wait…

6. Visual stimulation is a biggie for men. Tease him by undressing in front of him. You can even look sexy bending over to put that roast in the oven.

7. Men love quickies. From time to time, be ready for one. Think Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

8. Don’t blow too hard in his ear.

9. He loves the sound of you moaning softly (as long as you not moaning about the lawn needing a mow)

10. Suck, don’t bite or chew! And this has nothing to do with his ear.

11. Forget the perfume for once. Real men will love the smell of the real you – especially if you’re ovulating.

12. Most men love a bit of filthy talk – can’t think of anything to say? That’s what sexy magazines and adult videos are for. Remember, you can talk dirty in sweet voice.

13. Telephone sex is a real turn-on. You can go from erotic: “My panties are peeping out from under my dress, slowly I’m revealing more and more…” to the positively pornographic: “My dress is around my waist.” Get the idea?

14. Never, never compare him (well, not while he’s in earshot, anyway) with your former lovers.

15. Men are mostly aroused by seeing a woman respond sexually, not by special technique, says sexologist Dr Eve. The more self- and sexual confidence you develop, the more you’ll be able to let him know how much pleasure he gives you – and this is a first class ticket to his pleasure.

16. Your mother was right. Secretly men want a whore in the bedroom, a world-class chef in the kitchen, a Madonna to raise their children and a bitch in the boardroom… as long as you’re not his boss.

17. They want you to be sexually assertive – but not aggressive. They want you to initiate – but they still like to feel in charge. It’s a fine line…

18. Men love this position from the Kama Sutra: you go down on your knees on the edge of the bed. He enters you from behind, one knee on the bed, one foot on the floor. He picks up one of your legs and holds it at his side by the ankle. You can reach around with your arm and hold his neck while he thrusts.

19. What a guy does to you is often what he wants you to do to him. He’s nibbling your ear… nibble right back. He’s licking your nipple… try licking his. Not all men have feeling there – but those who do will sigh all the way home.

20. The size of the erection may be relatively unrelated to the size of the non- erect penis. Those with smaller penises tend to enlarge with greater degree when erect, so the differences in the size of the erect penis may not be that great. The average erect penis is 15cm, with most between 12 and 16, 8 cm, though a few are smaller and larger.

Acknowledgement Women24


If you would like to maintain your woman, you must be nice to her. I know many men don’t know this but women always want to hear and know that they are cherished. Many men don’t even ask their women or partners whether they like the choices they make for them in their lives. They just make decisions on their own and impose on their women. The fact that she will not ask a question about many things that you decide and do for her doesn’t mean that she is comfortable. She is just trying to bear with the domineering character of a man. Secretly, as men pretend to be deciding for their women, they keep asking themselves deep within their hearts. “Do you want to share with me?” Women constantly deep within their hearts ask questions and you may end up losing your woman. You must learn how to maintain a woman, be open and know how to keep her happy and comfortable.

Men certainly don’t know that women are constantly worried about their inability to perform in bed. Demands and challenges of modern life, stresses and pressures of their work places have made them very docile in bed. Men are under obligations to keep their women satisfied sexually. Women tend to secretly get annoyed about their men performance but they find the topic hard to approach. Unlike men, women are secretive and they will hardly open up and tell men what they expect them to do. Men will always shout on top of their voices, boast and brag about how sexually active they are in bed but women are very reserved in this topic. You should learn how to satisfy your woman in bed.

Women need to hear and to be whispered to nice words. They like hearing sweet things and to be called sweet names. Men should be nice to their women and should show concern. A man’s appreciation to a woman makes her feel happy and cherished. Know that women, unlike men who pay attention to what they see, they are more pleased with what they hear. Women are made up of sweet and nice words. Use nice and sweet words and maintain your woman.

Be nice to your woman. Once in a while, try to remind yourselves about the things you used to do when you were new in dating. Take her to places where you used to go when you first met her. You may even surprise her with such gifts like flowers and nice jewels that you used to buy her. Assist her in the things that she enjoy doing such as cooking. It will surprise you how miraculously it can work and you will always be there for you. When you go out together make sure you open for her the car door and usher her in. Whenever you visit the supermarket help her push the trolley and making decisions on what to buy. This will make her love you even more and strength your love bond.

By Francis K Githinji

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